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Flood Insurance is an important part of protecting your biggest investment, your home. Protecting your home from financial loss is easy. Purchasing flood insurance from an Licensed NFIP Insurance agent can help you protect you in case of a flood. To see a particpating insurance agent, visit the FloodSmart Agent Locator

For more information on the NFIP Program and other FEMA related information please visit FEMA’s FEMA National Flood Insurance Programs website.

Please use the following tool below to help understand the potential cost of flooding. This tool is provided by FloodSmart - The Cost of Flooding.

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For more information or flood risk information please visit the FloodSmart.gov as it is an excellent Resource for Flood Insurance questions and information

Also visit the FloodSmart Levee Simulator on the GAFM Website
For More information on flood insurance in Georgia, please read the following articles by David Colmans, from the Georgia Insurance Information Service - GIIS.

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