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2016 Spring Conference Presentations
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10th Annual Georgia Association of Floodplain Management Conference Presentations - Atlanta, Georgia March 2016

GAFM 2016 General Session Awards

GAFM 2016 General Session Membership Meeting

GAFM 2016 General Session Welcome

GAFM 2016 Sponsors

General Session FEMA Update Jesse Munoz

General Session SC October 2015 Maria Cox Lamm

General Session Al Lee

General Session Major General Walsh

General Session ASFPM

CFM Refresher - NFIP What You Need to Know

Floodplain Readiness Part 1

Floodplain Readiness Part 2 Emergency Preparedness for GA Impacts from Flooding

Floodplain Readiness Part 3 What are Others Doing

Floodplain Readiness Part 4 GA Flood Response Toolkit

Floodplain Readiness Part 5 Outreach to Disaster Survivors

Floodplain Readiness Part 6 Preparing for Post Disaster Responsibilities

Floodplain Readiness Part 7 Resources for Disaster Recovery

Before During and After A Flood Intro

Before During and After A Flood Part 1

Before During and After A Flood Part 2

Before During and After A Flood Part 3

GIS Workshop Hour 1 - Flood Risk Products

GIS Workshop Hour 2 -Mitigation Projects Identified Through FEMA Flood Risk Projects

GIS Workshop Hour 3 - Integrating HAZUS into the Flood Risk Assessment

Auditing Elevation Certificates

Floodsmart Overcoming Misperceptions About Flooding

Floodsmart Social Media - Reaching Your Community in the Digital Age

Substantial Damage FEMA NFIP Essentials and Best Practices

A Case for Floodplain Management in Introductory College Geography Courses

Accounting for the Costs and Co Benefits of Stormwater Controls

Advancing Urban Watershed Renewal through Restoration Projects

Building Green - An Update on Atlanta's Green Infrastructure Approach

Bush Creek Stream Restoration

Challenges in Mitigation at NYU Langone Medical Center after Hurricane Sandy

Estimating 1% Plus for Simple and Complex Hydrology

Evaluating the Natural and Beneficial Functions of Floodplains

Federal Flood Risk Management Standards

Flood Risk Outreach Tools for Georgia Communities

Flood Study Model Calibration

Green Infrastructure Flood Reduction Computations

Gwinnett County Stormwater Rehabilitation and Replacement

Managing Flood Risk with HEC-RAS 5 thru Case Studies

Marsh Creek - Innovative Stormwater Treatment Meets Public Park

MT 2 Application Basics

New FEMA Map Service Center

Quantifying the Benefits of Stream Restoration

Smart Vent

Stream Restoration Allenhurst Ph2

Time of Concentration for Stormwater Runoff

Use of FEMA Non-regulatory Flood Risk Products in  Planning

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