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Committees of the Georgia Association of Floodplain Management

The current GAFM committees are listed below. This listing may be increased or decreased as deemed necessary by the GAFM chair and Board of Directors. Committee chairs are appointed yearly at the annual board meeting by the GAFM chair.

Awards Committee: Emily Wingo

  • Established award nomination schedule.
  • Collects Award Nominations and selects winners prior to Annual Meeting.
  • Forwards award winners as candidates for the corresponding national ASFPM awards.
  • Acts independently the GAFM board of directors in selection decisions.
  • Shall maintain listing of past award winners.

Conference Planning & Programs Committee: Emma Bones & Mike Mclaughlin

  • Plans Annual Technical Conference and Fall Training Conference.
  • Oversees conference logistics (conference location, hotels, registration, field tours and social activities)
  • Coordinates with Treasurer to ensure conference plans are within budget and obtains final approval for all conference expenditures from Treasurer and GAFM officers.
  • If needed, works with Regional Representatives to plan regional training events.
  • Solicits and approves abstracts for conference presentations and trainings.
  • Responsible for obtaining continuing education credits from appropriate organizations (ASFPM, ASCE, APA, etc…)
  • Identify and engage other State and local organizations for GAFM partnership and involvement.
  • Plans events throughout the year that will provide a service to the members.
  • Works with technical committees to determine need for programs or training.

GIS/Mapping and Technology Committee: Sam Crampton

  • Reviews new and existing mapping and technology standards.
  • Shares new information with members at annual or regional meetings.
  • Develops new ideas for mapping and technology standards.
  • Provides presents and technical support as request by the Chair or Board of Directors.
  • Shall provide article in GAFM's quarterly newsletter as requested by Newsletter Editor.

Mitigation and NAI Committee: Sean Roche

  • Reviews new standards in floodplain management and mitigation.
  • Keeps abreast of issues initiated by FEMA, ASFPM, and any other related agency.
  • Ensures that GAFM is informed of new issues or topics in floodplain management (i.e. Procedure Memos, Technical Bulletins, Congressional Acts)
  • Provides presents and technical supports as request by the Chair or Board of Directors.
  • Shall provide article in GAFM's quarterly newsletter as requested by Newsletter Editor.

Webmaster: Nick Turner

  • Update GAFM web content and website administration
  • Administer GAFM Email Services
  • Help GAFM Board with Technical Questions or Issues
  • Responsible for Ad hoc technical servies for the annual GAFM conferences

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